Why you should take your Cat in for a Wellness Exam in Broward & Surrounding Counties

A pet wellness checkup, sometimes known as a "check-up" or a "physical examination," is a routine medical examination of a pet with the primary goal of maintaining your cat's ideal health. Taking your pet to the vet on a regular basis can help them enjoy a long, healthy, and happy life! During these exams, veterinarians can diagnose and intervene in illnesses in their early stages, treat the condition with medicines, or simply make some lifestyle modifications. Those examinations are critical to extending your cat's time with you.

How often does my cat need a wellness exam?

It is determined by a variety of factors, including the type of pets you have, the breed of your cat, its medical history, age, and lifestyle. Speaking with your veterinarian at Meows & Purrs Feline Hospital can assist you in determining this; they can advise you on the optimum time to schedule these routine checks.

The most typical times to take your cat are every 6 months to once a year, so that any changes that occur with aging may be detected. It is also advised that in the early days of a pet, health checkups should be performed on a monthly basis, however for adult pets, yearly wellness inspections are the most usual, and semi-annual examinations are ideal for seniors.

What happens on a wellness exam?

A wellness examination includes observing your pet's general appearance, eye exams, full-body examination of muscle tone, abdomen, joint & spine checks for signs of pain, enlarged organs, or tumors, heart & lung tests for heart murmurs, irregular beats, and clear lungs, blood work, urinalysis & stool samples, ear & mouth checkups for infection, tarter, and inflammation, and ear & mouth checkups for infection, tarter, and inflammation

When it comes to your pet's health, prevention is crucial, and keeping your furry buddy up to date on their health is an important part of keeping your cat healthy and happy.

Cats are excellent at concealing sickness, but a complete wellness check combined with frequent screening tests will aid in the detection of early-stage ailments like heart murmurs, tumors, enlarged organs, diabetes, arthritis, renal disease, cataracts, and more.

Early identification of any illness may extend your pet's life, providing you with many more years of wonderful time together. To ensure your furry buddy is in peak physical shape, scheduling a Cat Wellness Exam is the best option!

With our services, Meows & Purrs Feline Hospital cares for your cat's health. For every wellness checkup, we check each pet from nose to tail, including weight, temperature, and heart rate. These frequent pet wellness examinations are always a good idea and can help your pet prevent potentially major health issues in the future.

To summarize, whether your cat is a kitten, in between, or a senior, they require frequent healthcare to ensure their health. Our team will treat your cat as if they were a member of our family, and we would love to meet you and your pet. Please call us immediately to book your pet's health exam!