What You Need to do for Your Cat’s Visit to the Vet in Broward and Surrounding Counties

You’ve made the appointment for your cat to go to the vet, and you need to know what steps to make this an easy visit in Broward and Surrounding Counties.

Whether it’s your first time taking your new friend to the doctor, or the six month check up for your elderly family member, there are things you can do to make the visit run smoothly.

BEFORE YOUR CAT’S VISIT TO THE VET IN Broward and Surrounding Counties

Contact Your Vet:

If you know your cat gets stressed, ask about anti-anxiety medication when you schedule their visit. The vet may be able to provide a prescription or make other suggestions to help your cat ease into the experience.


Before heading out anywhere, you should take the time to get your cat acclimated to their carrier. Make sure it’s the right size for your cat and that it’s comfortable. 

Keep the door open, or off, depending on the carrier and put their favorite toy, or treats inside. The process can take time, even months, so make sure that you prepare beforehand. 


If this is a new vet, or a new cat, make sure you have any and all documentation for your friend. The more information your vet has about your cat’s history, the better.

You may have gotten your cat or kitten from a shelter, or a friend. Has it had its vaccinations? Were any of the cats around it ill?

Has your cat been throwing hairballs more, or peeing outside of the litter box? Is it hiding away, not eating, or drinking? Any changes in behavior should be noted so that you make sure your vet has all of the information.


Your behavior:

Your cat is in tune with your feelings. It may not seem like they care, but they pick up on your stress and that stress can transfer. Be calm. Take the following steps to make the visit go smoothly.


You might want to withhold food a few hours before the visit. This can help avoid motion sickness. 

Make sure to bring some treats to give as a reward or a distraction for some procedures. 

Place a favorite toy and familiar smelling clothing or bedding in the carrier to help your cat feel more comfortable and cover the carrier with a towel to block unfamiliar sights and muffle sounds from your cat.

At The Vet in Broward and Surrounding Counties:

If your cat is anxious in the waiting area, you can always ask the receptionist if you can go immediately to an examination room or if an exam room is not ready, you can wait in your car with your cat (with appropriate heating and cooling during extreme weather). Ask them to call you when the exam room is ready for you to enter.

The Examination

Talk to your cat in a low-pitched voice. Avoid clutching your cat, talking or staring in their face, and invading their personal space. Be aware that sounds like “shh” can mimic another cat hissing with your cat. 

Slow petting or treats reinforce good behavior and try not to correct your cat if they exhibit negative behaviors. The best bet is to ignore it.

Don’t handle or remove your cat from the carrier until requested by a veterinary team member. There may be shots, or procedures that are more easily done with the cat in the carrier, or they may want them to stay “safe” until they need them to come out.

AFTER THE VET VISIT IN Broward and Surrounding Counties

If, after your visit, the vet recommends hospitalization for any reason, make sure your cat has their favorite bedding, toys, litter food and treats. Talk to the staff first to see what is or is not allowed. 

Your veterinarian will talk you through any issues, recommendations, medications, or plans that they feel is necessary for the continued well being of your cat.
The only thing left to do is take your friend home, let them knead your lap, curl up in a ball and feel the frequency of their purrs.

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