Digital Radiology for Cats in Broward & Surrounding Counties

In the event that your cat becomes ill, digital radiology for cats may be a valuable tool in identifying any problem. Our vets in Broward & Surrounding Counties have numerous benefits when diagnosing patients utilizing Digital Radiology, which refers to the development of digital radiographic pictures that do not need film, such as increased imaging latitude, higher image quality, and enhanced patient care, over traditional radiography. It is critical to use Digital Radiology to establish your pet's health since Digital X-Rays allow us to examine the bones, roots, and internal anatomy of teeth more clearly.

There are several distinctions between digital and conventional x-rays, but the following are the most significant: Digital x-rays produce images without the need for film, allowing for the creation of higher-quality images while also exposing your cat to less radiation. Digital Radiology generates digital photos for convenient storage and requires fewer takes, allowing your pet to be less upset throughout the procedure, as being forced to remain still for lengthy periods of time is not comfortable for a cat, especially when it is ill.

Digital x-rays represent a far lower danger of radiation exposure for your cat than traditional x-rays; exposure is virtually non-existent, and digital radiotherapy only exposes your cat to a small quantity of radiation that is perfectly harmless.

Using digital x-rays, veterinarians may swiftly identify the source of a pet's discomfort or suffering, allowing them to create an efficient treatment plan that will help your cat get better in no time. 


Within minutes, Meows & Purrs' veterinarians can receive the image, diagnose the problem, and discuss the next steps with clients. This technique allows for high-quality x-ray pictures to be obtained fast, avoiding the need for retakes, which are inconvenient and time-consuming.

Digital x-rays feature superior contrast resolution, allowing our experts to examine the cause of the problem in detail in a single image. It is critical to provide the greatest treatment and care for all cats using the safest and most effective options available.

Because x-ray pictures are saved on a computer as files and may be emailed to clients or specialists for quick and easy viewing, digital radiography is considered environmentally friendly. Instead of worrying about losing or destroying those enormous x-ray film printouts, you'll simply have to worry about backing up the files on the internet or on a USB drive.

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