Cucumbers and cats in Broward and Surrounding Counties

Anxiety in Cats in Broward and Surrounding Counties is a real thing. While you might not have seen the effects yourself in Broward and Surrounding Counties, you have most likely seen the videos of Cats freaking out over cucumbers, which is actually a depiction of how cats act when anxious. It can increase their stress level, causing them discomfort, making them vomit, giving them diarrhea, or hair loss. It can even contribute to existing conditions.

Why are cats in Broward and Surrounding Counties anxious around cucumbers?

Some people believe that cats think that the cucumber is a snake. But upon closer inspection, and knowing cats, a cucumber really doesn’t resemble a snake. If it did, it would be a very young, well-fed snake.

Most cats, especially those that haven’t been bitten, are usually curious about snakes. Snakes, lizards, bugs, and frogs are all fascinating to cats. So even the idea that it resembles a snake doesn’t quite wash.

So, why the cucumber? Cat behaviorists think it’s because the cucumber is “sneaking up on them. A cucumber placed in front of a cat very seldom elicits any response other than some slight curiosity. Once it’s sniffed, it’s usually ignored.

But a cucumber sneaking up on a cat, that’s another story. 

Sneaking, Surprise and Anxiety in Cats in Broward and Surrounding Counties

As predators, cats seek the high ground. They often back themselves into a corner, tuck themselves into a box, or generally try to find safety when they are at rest. 

Their meal time is sacred and most of the videos you see the cats are eating. The cat may see the cucumber as another predator coming to steal it’s food. 

Because cats have a keen sense of smell, the odor that the cucumber has so close to their dish may also confuse them. It can throw off their appetite and in extreme cases make them reluctant to go back to the bowl.

Results of Anxiety in Cats in Broward and Surrounding Counties

While the temptation is there, understand this. Placing that cucumber, or any item behind your cat with sneaky intentions startles them. It heightens their anxiety, and cat anxiety is a real thing.

In trying to run away from the “threat” they can break things or injure themselves. Or you, for that matter. 

Instead of making the cucumber a threat, why not give your cat some to eat. Cucumbers are safe for cats to eat and the water in them is good for them.

Find some safe toys, an animal safe laser pointer, or a furry catnip mouse on a stick. The fun you’ll have watching them go crazy with those is safer and not as stressful.

There are treatments for cats that suffer from anxiety, from supplements and medication, to behavior modification. You will want your vet to rule out other conditions by completing a thorough exam. The cucumber may have just been a trigger and if left untreated, the anxiety disorder could progress.

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